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ArtReach Orlando is an art outreach program that works with children in underserved areas of Orange County, Florida. We are a 501 © 3 non-profit that explores the nexus between art and social justice.

ArtReach Orlando supports creative, collaborative art projects between teachers, organizations and local artists. We encourage those in our focus areas to participate in the ArtReach Orlando Artist-in-Residence Grant Program. The grant program offers a way for teachers to support existing curriculum and state standards while deepening a child’s level of understanding and interest in any given subject area. We believe arts integration enhances learning and empowers and encourages both learners and educators. The grant program offers organizations an opportunity to work with children in a manner that strengthens a child’s sense of self and community.


ArtReach Orlando supports art projects that foster creativity and hope, develop self-esteem, and offer children a platform to reflect, re-vision, and rejoice. By fostering creativity, we are encouraging and empowering children to imagine the positive changes they wish to see and be in their own lives, their communities, and the world.