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Artists in Wondercamp: Young Artist Summer Program

Come join us for an art filled summer! Artists in Wondercamp is an intensive summer art program designed to introduce elementary and middle school students to contemporary art through inquiry-based learning, open-ended discussions, hands-on studio art experiences, and interactions with professional artists. Each week students explore meaningful ideas and processes that help them investigate the world around them through the elements of art while, most importantly, having lots of fun. Different themes and media are explored with an emphasis on the process over the final product to allow creativity to flow freely We’ll begin each day with mindful body movement & yoga. For ages 6-13 years old. Art is a messy business, so please dress appropriately!

When: July 10-28, Monday – Friday from 9am to 5pm *Early Drop-off/Late Pick-up is available
Where: City of Orlando Downtown Recreation Complex 363 N Parramore Ave, Orlando, FL 32801
Cost: $175 per week

Week One: July 10 – 14

How Does Your Garden Grow?: With Clay, Paint, and Fairies!
Students will enjoy a week of connecting with the natural world through art making! Each child will build their own fairy house to take home for their yard or garden. Imaginations will soar as they construct wee houses and gardens for the fairies and elves made out of all natural materials gathered from local fields and forests. We will also create clay flower pots, plantable handmade paper, nature prints, & watercolor paintings. We’ll listen to folktales and look to famous works of art by Claude Monet, Alphonse Mucha, John Anster Fitzgerald for enchanted inspiration. We’ll also explore how contemporary artists are connecting environmental issues to their art making practice.


Week Two: July 17 – 21

Bestiary: Art In the Animal Kingdom
Animals have appeared in art from as early as the cave paintings of Lascaux, about 32,000 years ago and continue to inspire and influence contemporary artists. Join us as we create colorful and quirky animals seen through the eyes of famous artists, designers and illustrators such as Andy Warhol and Kiki Smith. Each day we spend time creating unique animal artworks using a variety of mixed media including cardboard, oil pastels, paint, glue, papier-mâché, and more! Our creative agenda features a mix of animal sculpture, illustration, printmaking, and collage, both imagined and realistic.


Week Three: July 24 -28

The Sweet Life of Still Life: Scrumptious Oil Pastel, Painting, & Sculpture

Sweet treats will be the inspiration for delicious drawings and paintings made from individual and group still lifes. A bit of sculpture will be thrown in for a twist! We’ll be learning to look and to improve our ability to express what we see. We’ll examine where objects sit in space in relationship to the horizon line, and we’ll learn basic color blending and shading techniques. The sculptural part of our class will be making various deserts or sweet treats from found objects, cloth, papier-mâché, & clay. We will look at the work of artists such as Heidi Kenney, Wayne Thiebaud, and Scott Hove for inspiration. We’ll even create our own artful, edible candy creations!