ArtReach Orlando Programs

ArtReach Orlando is committed to opening doors of discovery through art by bringing free arts programming to youth and communities in Orange County, Florida. We operate from a community-based model and strive to develop lasting relationships with the youth and communities we work in. This work is designed to engage young people, invite them to feel ownership and agency as young artists, and most importantly, create a safe and enriching place for them to learn and develop with their peers. 

All ArtReach Orlando Programs:

  • Build artistic, problem solving, and expressive skills.
  • Strengthen youth identity.
  • Develop community.
  • Ensure youth are engaged in safe and healthy spaces.
  • Focus on positive relationship-building.
  • Are asset-based and help youth to build upon their inherent strengths and talents.
  • Are youth-driven, responsive, and honor student voice.
  • Focus on the creative process, rather than the final product, to enable youth to engage at their own level.  
  • Use approaches and outcomes that are holistic, recognizing a range of youth needs and often integrating with other service providers to create a coordinated community response to those needs.

Art-ivist: Where Art Meets Activism


In partnership with Hope CommUnity Center, this summer camp and afterschool program engages middle school students in theatre, movement, and visual art to explore the ways creativity relates to community and leadership. 

ARO Community Classroom


Through a partnership with McRae Art studios, young artists have the opportunity to interact with professional artists and tour their studios in ArtReach Orlando's Community Classroom, part of Arts on Arlington’s freshly renovated 10,000-square-foot space. 

Artists In WonderStudio


Each six-week session will introduce elementary and middle school students to contemporary art through inquiry-based learning, open-ended discussions, hands-on studio art experiences, and interactions with professional artists. For ages 7-12 years old. 

Creative U: Arts for Empowerment


In partnership with Orlando Repertory Theatre, this afterschool program for middle school students incorporates visual art, dramatic arts, and creative writing to explore identity, empowerment, social issues, and community. 

OCA In-School Residency


This program fosters social-emotional learning for students in grades preK-12 at the Orange County Academy (OCA) in Bithlo through weekly visual art classes, field trips, community exhibitions, and summer enrichment. 

Artists In WonderCamp


A spring break and summer art program designed to introduce elementary and middle school students to contemporary art through inquiry-based learning, hands-on studio art experiences, and mindfulness.

Library Programs


ArtReach Orlando partners with OCLS to provide literacy-based art programming where children and their families may actively participate in hands-on, open-ended art experiences with an emphasis on creative inquiry. 

Mobile Program


An outreach program that brings mini-versions of our thoughtful programming to the public through festivals and events. 


Additional Information

ArtReach Orlando offers a limited number of PARTIAL and FULL scholarships to our Artists in Wondercamp series.

Please fill out the form below to be considered for financial assistance. A committee of ArtReach Orlando teaching artists and administrative staff will award scholarships based on the following criteria: financial need, general interest, involvement in the arts, and space availability.

Please click the link below and fill out the attached form to the best of your abilities.

Featured Program


Creative U: S​ocial​ ​A​wareness + ​A​rts​ ​F​or​ ​E​mpowerment • Students use​ ​visual​ ​art​, creative​ writing & theater​ to explore the power of the arts to build community, empowerment, and creativity.

The overarching goal of this program is for students to gain a greater understanding of social justice through an art curriculum which supports state standards.
In Partnership with Orlando REP