- Artists In WonderCamp Participant, 2019

Come join us for an art filled summer! Artists in Wondercamp is an intensive summer art program designed to introduce elementary and middle school students to contemporary art through inquiry-based learning, open-ended discussions, hands-on studio art experiences, and interactions with professional artists. Each week students explore meaningful ideas and processes that help them investigate the world around them through the elements of art while, most importantly, having lots of fun. Different themes and media are explored with an emphasis on the process over the final product to allow creativity to flow freely. We’ll begin each day with mindful body movement & yoga. For ages 7-12 years old. Art is a messy business, so please dress appropriately! 


Week 1: June 15th - 19th

Bestiary: Art in the Animal Kingdom  

Animals have appeared in art from as early as the cave paintings of Lascaux, about 32,000 years ago and continue to inspire and influence contemporary artists. Join us as we create colorful and quirky animals seen through the eyes of famous artists, designers and illustrators such as Nick Cave and Kiki Smith. Each day we’ll spend time creating unique animal artworks using a variety of mixed media including cardboard, oil pastels, paint, glue, papier-mâché, and more! Our creative agenda features a mix of animal sculpture, illustration, printmaking, and collage, both imagined and realistic.

Week 2: June 22nd - 26th

The Sight of Music: Sound Inspired Art and Instrument Making

Join us as we explore and become inspired by sound, rhythm, and movement. Let your creativity flow as we sculpt papier-mâché shakers, cardboard guitars, and metal drums. In addition to crafting our own variety of music makers, our days will be filled with listening to live musicians, playing instruments, and taking a look back at famous works of art that were inspired by music, from Chuck Close’s Phillip Glass to Andy Warhol’s Beethoven. We will also create prints, paintings, and collages that characterize musical locations, illustrate specific songs, and represent different eras in music history. The week will culminate with a group performance for our families of an original artistic composition.


Week 1: July 6th - 10th

Artists are the People in Your Neighborhood: Exploring Local Art 

Art is all around us! It can be a bridge between people, ideas, and places. This week, we will investigate art around Orlando and explore how it helps to build and shape our community. We’ll learn about our city’s public art and tour McRae Art Studios which showcases the work of contemporary Florida artists. Taking our cues from these artists, we’ll explore the themes of personal identity and sense of place through colorful collages, giant self-portraits, and surreal landscape paintings. Students will also build sprouting clay sculptures, design imaginary maps, and even create a collaborative, site-specific piece of art to display near ArtReach’s Community Classroom! 

Week 2: July 13th - 17th

Creature Creations: Bring Your Imagination to Life 

If you’re the kind of person who finds themself daydreaming about mythical beasts, strange animals, alien lifeforms, or magical creatures, this is the camp for you! Students will explore drawing, painting, and printmaking to design an original creature creation. Using our 2D art as a blueprint, students will then fabricate and breathe life into their creatures by making a three-dimensional sculpture using a variety of materials including polymer clay, papier-mache, and fabric. We’ll explore each step of this process: from the initial design, preliminary sketch to the finished sculpted creation. We’ll look to myths and legends, fairy and folktales, pop-culture, and contemporary artists for inspiration. 



Ages 7-9:
June 15 - 19th, 2020

June 22 - 26, 2020

Ages 10-12: 

July 6 - 10, 2020

July 13 - 17, 2020

Mon – Fri, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm 

*Early Drop-off/Late Pick-up is available 

ArtReach Orlando’s Community Classroom    

Arts on Arlington Building  

1000 Arlington St. 

Orlando, FL 32805 


$225 per week

$200 per week early registration by April 1st

*Scholarships are available 


$25 per week 

Early Drop-off at 8:00 am

$25 per week 

Late Pick-up at 6pm

$40 per week for both 


If you have any questions, please email Sarah Zimmer at


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Participant Feedback

Student, Age 10:

“Artists in WonderCamp is a fun place where you can be yourself. It is a safe place and when you leave it you feel like a great artist.” 

Parent of Participant:

“ArtReach created such a positive and uplifting environment at camp, that our child was up and dressed every single morning so excited to learn from Ms. Jenn. In just two weeks, we saw her confidence grow by leaps and bounds. That is because of you! She’ll never forget this!"

Student, Age 11:

“Artists in Wondercamp feels like a place I can fit in and belong. It’s the most peaceful and cool place where you can be unique and express yourself and make awesome new friends.” 


ArtReach Orlando offers a limited number of full and partial scholarships during each week of camp.

Scholarships cover all tuition and supplies. Please fill out the form below to be considered for financial assistance. A committee of ArtReach Orlando teaching artists and administrative staff will award scholarships based on the following criteria: financial need, general interest, involvement in the arts, and space availability. 


Please click the link below and fill out the attached form to the best of your abilities.

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